When You're Just Not Feeling It

proverbs 31 13.jpg

“She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands.” Proverbs 31:13

Some days I’m just not feeling it.

I want to ignore the dishes, laundry, piles of mail, and dirty floors. I don’t want to take the time to plan meals, find coupons or go grocery shopping. Netflix is so much more appealing than reading about how to get stains out of the couch.

But I’m not called to procrastinate, ignore, or get distracted with unimportant stuff. I’m called to do what I do with willing hands. I’m called to make sure my family is cared for, clothed and fed.

When our hands are willing to work we’re more likely to do the work well. We’re less likely to put off important tasks. We’re more likely to put more thought into the food we cook, the money we spend, how we spend our time. But what about those days we’re really not feeling willing? Those are the days the Holy Spirit brings to mind our motivation – our identity as daughters of God.

When we want to ignore the mess… we can be thankful God hasn’t ignored our messy lives. He stepped in and cleaned up our sin with the cross of Jesus.

When we don’t want to take time to plan… we can be thankful God’s plans and purposes for our lives never fail. His plan A always works and is always perfect.

When we want to be lazy… we can be thankful that God never sleeps and is always ready to hear us. We can also be thankful he set Sabbath rest in our lives.

When we don’t want to give our best… we can be thankful that God gave us his best in his Son. Jesus’ perfection covers our imperfection.

When our hands are less than willing… we can be thankful that God is always willing to do his work in our lives. More than willing, he actually does it.

As the Spirit brings to mind all the ways God works wonders in our lives, we become more willing to serve our husbands and families. And those days we’re just not feeling it? His grace gets us through those days, too.