You Are...

prov 31 10b.jpg

“She is far more precious than jewels.” (Proverbs 31:10b)

Sometimes, in order to be a wife like the Proverbs 31 woman, we need reminders of who we are. When we forget our identity as daughters of God, when we let our thoughts get the better of us, when we get sucked into what the world says we are or should be, we can’t be the ordinary wonder women we’re created to be. So today God reminds you who you are in His eyes.

You are precious.

No matter what you or your life or your marriage look like right now, you are precious. Even when you don’t feel it. When you don’t want to admit it. Whether life is great or downright stinks. In the big events or the ordinary every day. You are precious.

When you feel overwhelmed – God calls you his beloved daughter.

When you’re picking up cracker crumbs and matching socks – God calls you his treasure.

When you’re pinching pennies and living paycheck-to-paycheck – God calls you priceless.

When work is great and promotion is in the air – God calls you invaluable in His eyes.

When you feel left out – God calls you His choice.

Yes, you also sin. But your sin doesn’t overshadow how God sees you. You are so cherished by Him that he sent his Son to live and forgive and die and rise for you. So loved by Him that he provided a way to live forever in heaven through Jesus. Held so dear that he calls you “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Who are you to God? Who are you to your husband?

You are loved. You are a treasure. You’re a gift. You are cherished. You are valuable.

You are precious.