Could I Ever Be A Wonder Woman?

Shortly before I got married I decided I wanted to be the wife described in Proverbs 31. She is amazing; the epitome of what a woman and wife should be. She can do it all, and people notice. She manages her house, she raises kids, she’s the perfect wife – in short, she’s Wonder Woman! Who wouldn’t want to be that girl?

The more I’ve read about this picture of perfection I’ve come to realize just how wonderful this woman really is – and I can’t figure out how I could ever measure up. Or could I? Is it possible that I’ve been aiming for something that this woman wasn’t after all?

Yes, this woman is truly amazing and a woman I want to model. But she’s still human. The Bible shows us a picture, not of perfection, but of a hard-working woman doing the best she can with what she has. And she has ordinary, everyday tasks, responsibilities and people in her care. She manages to make the ordinary something extraordinary. She’s able to take the mundane jobs of the day and make them important. So why does God find this woman worthy of 22 verses of praise? And could He ever find an ordinary woman like me just as worthy?

During the next 31 days I’ll be digging deeper into what makes this ordinary wonder woman who she is. Are we more like her than we thought? How can we women be more like her? How can my ordinary be something more? Where is God’s hand of grace in all of this? Come along with me as we discover how God can take our every day and make us the Ordinary Wonder Woman in our own homes!