Why I Broke the First Rule of Blogging

Be consistent.

That has to be one of the biggest rules of blogging. It’s also the rule I’ve broken since about mid-December. If you’re a reader of my little blog I want to tell you why I’ve been so inconsistent lately and also tell you how I plan on changing that (are you sensing the January theme yet?). 

God has been convicting my heart the past couple weeks. I listened to an interview recently between two successful people in the world of blogging and one thing hit me like that cupboard door you forgot you left open – you probably shouldn’t be a life coach if your own life is in shambles right now. 

Ok, I’m not a life coach but the principle remains – if you’re trying to give people advice and help with something in their lives you should probably have that thing somewhat figured out in your own life. Or, like a great professor from my days at Concordia University in Nebraska once taught us – “You can’t give away what you don’t have.”

My goal with this blog is to help women be encouraged in their faith journeys. I want to give great advice on how to have a healthy spiritual life and ways to get more out of your time in God’s Word. I want to tell you that I found a surefire way for you to read your Bible every day or to be joyful no matter what.

But the real honest truth is that I still don’t have that figured out in my own life yet. I go through days or sometimes seasons in my life where my prayers are weak at best or where I may go awhile without reading more than just a Bible verse or two passing on my newsfeed or popping up in my inbox. I compare myself to other women who seem to have this “quiet time” thing down pat, and I struggle to find that “perfect time” to be with God.

I paused writing for a week or so because I didn’t think I had anything to offer if I couldn’t even master my own spiritual life. But I hope and pray that’s the exact reason you’ll join me every week – because we can do this walk together.  

You feel like you’re in a spiritual rut? Sometimes I do too. Can’t get into a Bible reading routine that sticks? I struggle with that myself at times. Maybe you’re feeling good about your prayer life and you’re seeing God working – I have those joyful times too!

I don’t think we can have a perfect faith journey. But I know we can trust Jesus to lead and guide through all the hills and valleys and turns along the way. And I know that it helps to have some encouragement and a friend who knows the joys and struggles of being faithful to a God who is faithful to you. I would love to be that friend to you.

So, would you walk this journey together with me? Sometimes we’ll get it and things will feel easy. Other times we’ll feel like we’re running through knee-deep mud. I’ll share with you things I’m doing that are working for me in case they might work for you too. And I’ll be honest about what isn’t working so well, because living our faith isn’t always an easy road. But God tells us to keep at it, build each other up – because what we do have we should give away. 


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