5 Reasons Christian Women Should Care About the Reformation

The Reformation turns 498 years old this year! This was the day Martin Luther pounded his 95 issues to the front door of the church and started a revolution of biblical proportions. If you haven't given it much thought, I encourage you to this year. 1517 and 2015 are much more alike than we tend to think.
The door in Wittenberg, Germany where Luther
posted the 95 theses.

Here are 5 reasons you should care about this important event if you're a Christian woman...

5. It speaks our language.
We women long for men to understand what we need. We want men to listen to us and do what they can to make our lives just a little better. Well ladies, meet my friend Martin Luther. Sure, he spoke German, so he doesn't literally speak your language (unless, of course, you speak German), but the movement he started and what came of it absolutely speaks our language. Part of Luther's work was to translate the Bible into German for his fellow churchgoers to understand. Latin wasn't widely spoken among the people in the pew and only the church leadership really knew what they were saying. Think your pastor is hard to understand at times? Imagine if he preached in Latin. Luther determined to put the Scripture into a language everyday people could understand, and thankfully the printing press was making it's debut about the same time. That translation into German would lead to other translations, including English. Thanks to Luther's work you have access to God's Word in multiple ways you can understand.

4. It teaches us how to teach our kids.
So many parents are scared to teach Biblical truths and concepts to their kids - likely because they themselves don't understand or they think they need to know all there is to know about the Bible to be qualified to teach about it. Guess what - if God blessed you with kids, He's made you qualified to teach them His Word. It is a daunting task. It's difficult. We won't have all the answers to their millions of questions, and that's okay. Luther wrote so many resources for parents (fathers, really) to teach their kids the teachings in the Bible. His book he called the Catechism (cat-a-kism) is a book for just this purpose. It's not the church's job to teach our kids. The church is there to help and support us in our task of raising our kids to know and love Jesus. God places the full responsibility on us, more specifically...

3. It makes the men in our lives responsible for our families.
Fathers have a huge role in the functioning of a family. God has given men immense responsibility to provide for and lead our families. Granted, some guys are way better at this than others, but it doesn't change the fact that God placed this responsibility on our men. Not having kids doesn't excuse them from this role, either. Chances are, if he's taking his responsibility seriously, he's leading and guiding kids in his life who may not have a dad. We're responsible for and to each other when we're in the family of God. The Reformation brought the role of parents in the faith-formation of their kids back into a spotlight it hadn't had in quite awhile. In all honesty, it needs to be brought back again in our days today.

2. It means we don’t have to be good enough.
Ladies, this one's important. Many of us tend to feel like we have to be perfect, and if we're not, we need to work to be perfect. Maybe that's you. I know it can be me. We get frustrated when life happens. Our marriages get rocky, our kids won't listen, dinner gets burned, work isn't great, parenting is hard, friendships suffer, the house is a cluttered mess, and the laundry and dishes seem to reproduce. It's easy to feel like we aren't enough. Luther felt the same way... only a little differently. He didn't understand that God had provided our way to heaven through Jesus. He had been taught that he needed to be good enough, to do enough, to pay enough to get to heaven, and he took that incredibly seriously. So much so that he would physically beat himself up thinking that would make him right with God again. Finally, Luther discovered the great gift of grace - God giving us his wonderful gifts of forgiveness, eternal life and salvation because of Jesus' sacrifice for us. Once he understood that, Luther knew that God loved him in spite of his not being good enough. His sin wouldn't keep him out of heaven because his faith in Jesus was enough to get him there in the first place. Paying and working a whole lifetime wouldn't get him into heaven. Jesus paid it all for us. That's enough of a reason to care about the Reformation!

1. It’s a great deal.
Be honest, we're always looking for a bargain. Grocery sales, shoe sales, school clothes sales, deals on... basically everything. Who wants to pay full price? Not us, if we can help it. The Reformation reintroduced us to the greatest deal in history - we sin, we deserve death for it, Jesus comes, Jesus is perfect, Jesus dies instead of us, Jesus rises from the dead, God credits us with the work Jesus did, we believe what Jesus did by faith given by God, we go to heaven. It's really as simple and as complicated as that. 

Bonus Reason: There's a pretty sweet love story entwined in this whole thing.
If you love a good drama/chick flick, this is your story. A monk and a nun leave their stations in life, fall in love, have a family, and are an unstoppable team in the midst of unimaginable trials and great joy - what could be better?

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