God's Word for Me Today: Between A Rock and A Hard Place

They stood at the edge of the water. It was rushing past them, the current threatening to take them deep under its mighty waves if they ventured too close. They glanced behind their shoulders to see the enemy gaining on them quickly. They had made it this far - only to be trapped between the vast sea in front of them and the horses and chariots pursuing them. Fear and doubt filled their pounding hearts. Why would God have rescued them from slavery only to leave them stranded here? With no bridge to cross, no boat to board, and certainly no turning back, fear began to give way to panic and anger....

It's very likely you've been in a similar position at some point in your life - "stuck between a rock and a hard place". God allows these situations to happen to us where we know we can't stay where we are, and yet we just can't see how to move forward. Maybe you feel stuck in a dead-end job but haven't found another to replace your income. Or maybe it's a relationship that needs reconciliation, but you just can't see how to make that happen. Financial problems force you to choose between paying your bills or providing necessities for your kids. 

When you're stuck in these hard places, looking behind you is difficult. Regardless of how things were in the past you know you need to move forward. But, looking forward is almost worse. You can't see into the future to know how everything will turn out. Fear and worry begin to take over and it's easy to lose sight of where God is in the whole situation. 

...And then it happened. A cloud, like fog, descended from heaven, blocking the path of the enemy. As the horses and their riders slowed in confusion and blindness, the people noticed their God-appointed leader stepping forward, staff in hand. He raised his arms to heaven, then placed his staff in the sea. The wind blew with such force over the water that the current was stopped in its tracks and the water began to rise on either side of the staff into walls high above their heads. The people watched in shock and amazement as the walls of water held their place, creating a path of dry ground for the people to cross the sea. Movement began, and God held the sea in place as His people walked across the massive sea to safety on the other side. As the last of the mass of people made their way across, the cloud disappeared, allowing the enemy to advance once again. Worry struck in the hearts of the people yet again. Would God allow them to cross the sea just to be taken captive again? The horses and chariots made their way between the walls of the sea as the people finished crossing to the other side. With the enemy thinking they were making headway, the wind stopped and the walls of the sea collapsed, defeating the enemy and ensuring the safety of the people. Their journey of freedom would continue with God at their side.

Yes, it's easy to lose sight of God when times are hard. We get uncomfortable, fearful, even angry at God for allowing us to be in the situation. But as He was with Israel, so He is with us. He didn't leave Israel stranded as they were leaving Egypt. Instead, He showed His awesome power and presence in their situation. And even though they maybe didn't see it right away, they did recognize where God was in their problem and praised Him for working to rescue them.

So how do we move forward today when the way isn't as clear as walls of water creating a path? God tells us to trust in Him to provide a way. We can only see so far down the road of our lives, but God knows exactly what's ahead and He asks us to trust Him. He may ask you to take a turn you don't recognize or to make a change that's uncomfortable. Follow His leading. Yes, it's difficult. It's scary. It takes immense amounts of courage at times. But you can know for sure that He is with you every step of the way. He's there when the enemy is after you. He's paving a way in the middle of the obstacles. He's parting the waters to give you a solid place to stand. 

He who promised to be with you is faithful - and He will do it!

Scripture Reading:
Exodus 14 (referenced in the italicized story above - the Israelites crossing the Red Sea)

Isaiah 43:2-3 "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior."


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