Long Drives with God

A similar drive in the fall in the UP.
I drove for a long time today.

About 4.5 hours, actually. And for a purpose - a meeting of Pastors and other church workers in the circuit in which we serve. Our circuit is pretty spread out throughout much of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The UP has lots of tiny towns and only a few Missouri Synod Lutheran churches. Those of us who minister in those churches get together once a month.

And so I drove.... and drove.... and drove some more.

There isn't a ton to see on these drives, usually. I see deer and turkey. I even saw a robin today! (The calendar may say it's spring, but we have a good amount of snow.) I see a few snow-covered farms. I see tons of trees. I cross many creeks. Today was quiet.

But, God still speaks in the quiet. Last year I made many similar drives alone, which meant lots of time to listen to the radio. That is, when there's decent reception. And even then, my mind and heart, through my ears, have been so used to Christian radio's songs and message that I can't usually take much mainstream music for too long. My sister solved my problem and bought me a couple of WOW CDs last year. They're perfect for rides like this. So, it may be quiet on the highway, in the woods, and in the fields, but inside my car the volume is up and I'm belting out songs to my God.

And as I sing (sometimes it's so loud it's more like nicer yelling) and listen to the words these artists wrote, God speaks. At times I don't even realize I've stopped singing because I find I just want to listen. God speaks through the words of those songs. He reminds me I'm His loved and redeemed daughter. He reminds me that He's with me. He reminds me that I'm a sinner and He sent Jesus to die and rise for me. He reminds me to keep the little things little, but to still rely on Him.

A peaceful evening on the lake and the Peace God gives in
His Word.
He speaks through the blue sky finally poking through thick gray clouds as I near Lake Superior. It reminds me of when I've flown before - starting under those thick clouds and shooting up through them to the bright sun and blue skies. He reminds me that, like the break in the clouds, He's there with me through the clouds of life, even when the clouds seem so thick and endless. Just as I need to be patient for the blessing of physical sunlight, I need to "be still and know" that God is God.

He blesses me with a beautiful view as I come up and around the winding road. I've always thought living in Pennsylvania or elsewhere out on the east side of our country would be so cool. I traveled out that way a few times growing up and loved the Smoky Mountains and the landscape of that area. So green with rolling hills and mountains. I definitely don't live out east, but sometimes I feel like I'm in those mountains. I know what I drive through isn't technically a mountain, but it's still some breathtaking scenery - even in the bleak of early spring (yup, it's bleak up here right now). I may not be in the Smoky Mountains, but God has blessed me with being able to live in an area that at times sure does feel like it.

What does all this have to do with me being a wife? I tried to get my husband to ride with me today. He chose not to and to stay home getting some other things done.

And I'm okay with that.
Our first married Easter!

I think I needed some time on my own - just me and God. I needed time out of the office, away from distractions, away from the computer and phone. I needed to be uplifted by God through the music, through His creation, through worship and fellowship with other church workers.

Christian wives need that - time away from everything else - even our husbands - to be with God. He is our priority. He is our First and True Love. The time spent with Him will be well worth it for you and for your relationship with your husband. We are better wives when we are strengthened by our Father.

"Her children rise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:
'Many women have done excellently,
but you surpass them all.'
Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."
Proverbs 31:28-30

A Wife Like That

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