House Hunters

The average is 10.

Our Realtor told us that the average number of houses people look at before making a decision is 10.

We've looked at 10.

We're officially house hunting! We were pre-approved for a home loan a couple of months ago and have learned a few things in that process alone. Since then, we've been out a few times with a great Realtor who has been helping us make one of the biggest financial decisions my husband and I will make in our life. She's made us think about things we'd never considered. She's made us realize that even if we've talked about something and think we're on the same page, until we get into houses and start looking around, we may not be on the same page at all. She's made us think and communicate.

And we have a lot of thinking and communicating to do.

It's been a great process so far. At times it is frustrating to go into this thinking we're of one mind and then finding out we completely disagree on something. But it's also been really fun to be able to walk through an entire house, get to the end, look at each other and say, "I have no idea how I feel about this house." As often as we've been in different chapters of the house hunting book at times, we've been in the same sentence just as often.

He's realized how much work could potentially get put into a house. I've realized I really want some yard space. He really wants a two car garage, dining space and den. I really want a front porch and more than two bedrooms. We have different opinions of what "good" kitchen cabinets look like or where a dishwasher should go. Do we really want to fix cracks in plaster? How much work is too much?

We solidly agree on a few things...
We will not go over our budget.
We are definitely ready to have our own home.
We believe God will (and already is) lead us to the right house.

Would you pray for us in this process? That we find the right house for a good price and that we grow closer to each other and trust Him more in the process. We would really appreciate it!

A Wife Like That

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