Five Things

Can I come up with five things to tell you that you don't know about me?

If you already know me, probably not. But if you only know me from my two previous blog posts, I might be able to!

A friend of mine who also blogs challenged our group of friends to come with five things we don't already know about each other. Well, she mentioned it to us, but I'm taking it as a challenge! And boy, is it ever a challenge to come up with things people don't know about me. It's not that I share overt amounts of information about my life (although this blog sure is helping with that), it's more that I'm not the most adventurous person, so I don't always have much to say.

With that being said, here's my best effort at five things most people probably don't know about me. Who knows, maybe down the line I'll have a few more!

Bear and Scout
1. I adopted three black cats, and I'm really more of a dog person. Scout was the product of me being kind of lonely and wanting to take care of something other than myself. He's about 4 years old now, and still my buddy. Twilight came along not long after Scout. I wasn't home much and Scout was finding all kinds of opportunities to get into trouble. My sister recommended getting him a friend. Twilight and Scout are about the same age and she is a little princess. Ok, maybe not so little. She loves to eat and be petted and she'll let you know if you're not living up to her lofty expectations! Then there's Bear. He's the baby and really Jeff's cat. He's about 2 and still has way too much kitten in him. He's at his cutest when he's tired. He crawls up and cradles himself in the crook of my arm. They all drive me crazy at times, but I do love them!

2. I really enjoy writing and photography. The writing part is a big reason for the birth of this blog. You'll most likely see some photography on here, too. I love taking pictures, trying to make them interesting and capturing small details that one maybe wouldn't normally see. Being introverted, I tend to think and process things internally, which is probably why I enjoy writing. Sometimes it's easier to get my thoughts out on paper... umm, screen... than it is to verbalize them out loud!

3. I'm still searching for my gift. I believe God has given everyone gifts and talents to use for the benefit of others and to bring him glory. It seems so easy to pick out the gifts God has given to others, but not so easy to figure out what he gave me! I'm sure when the time is right He'll fill me in and let me know what it is He wants me to do to bring Him the most glory.

My first set of bulls-eyes!
4. I'm a pretty good shot. When we were dating, my husband took me out target shooting and taught me to use a handgun, rifle and shotgun. The rifle is my favorite. Jeff likes to brag on me that I had such a good grouping on my stump of a target that I actually shot it in half. I'm hoping he'll take me out hunting once or twice this season (hint, hint, honey!). But, my all-time favorite thing to shoot has to be my bow. When he heard how much I liked archery when I took some of my youth to confirmation camp two years ago, Jeff went out and bought me a bow. It's really relaxing for me and something I feel comfortable doing without Jeff's watchful eye. Hopefully I'll get out bow hunting one of these years!

5. I can quote seasons 1-4 of the TV show The Office, almost verbatim. I'm not sure that's a good thing to be bragging about, but I can do it. That show is hilarious and the actors are pretty great at what they do.

So, there you go. Did you know all those things? I bet you'll sleep better tonight knowing them. You're welcome! 

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