Change is...

I'm learning that I don't really like change.

It's said that Lutherans don't like change. We tend to sit in the same pew on Sunday, talk to the same people, maybe even eat the same kind of doughnut at church. I used to just laugh that joke off, like it didn't really apply to me. I'm supposed to be a change agent, to an extent. If I don't like change, how can I work to implement it?

Then I got married.

The day we became "official"
November 15, 2009.
Now, I knew there were going to be changes in life when I married Jeff. I tried to prepare for those changes by cleaning out some closet and drawer space in my bedroom. I went through some stuff in my spare bedroom trying to make room for him to move his life into my already crammed apartment. I knew that somehow life would be different with him being around all the time. I just didn't know exactly how.

Suddenly, it's a big deal when I leave hair in the tub drain. The remote is no longer just mine. And I'll never understand what he has against the snooze button. There are now two schedules to coordinate, another mouth to feed, another person's laundry to do. We're trying to agree on how to spend our money wisely, find time to spend together, and figure out how to be apart at times.
The changes begin! Wedding day
August 17, 2012

I know he's adjusting to all these things too. It's not just me learning to adapt to all these changes. But as much as I'm finding out I don't initially like some of the changes I've had to make, I'm also learning that making those changes has been more than worth it. He notices when I take the hair out of the drain and thanks me for it. We find things to watch together on TV or we revert to Netflix or a season of The Office on DVD. He helps with the extra laundry and has been a rock star at saving receipts. I do what I can not to get over-scheduled so we can spend time together. And as for that snooze button... well, we're working on that one.

As I've contemplated my resistance to change, I am all the more thankful that God works all change in me. Am I hesitant to go along with the changes God wants in me? Sometimes, yes. But I pray that God would continue to work in me to make me more receptive to the changes he's trying to make in me. Only by the power of His Spirit will I be able to be the kind of wife Jeff not only needs, but deserves.
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