10 Adjectives 7-10

Well, this little series took longer than I thought it would, so let's wrap it up. Here are the final four characteristics on my list of adjectives about my ideal mate...

Doing ministry together, in the form of sledding!
Willing to be in ministry with me. I didn't want a guy who would just be okay with me being in ministry or wanting to serve God. I wanted a man who would want to be there, right next to me, while I'm doing ministry. I wanted a man who would want to do ministry too. Enter Jeff, stage left. At Concordia I had learned the phrase, "partner in ministry". We probably used it in more of a team ministry context, but I thought it would apply well to a relationship, too. I hadn't yet used that term with Jeff, but I didn't need to. He beat me to it. We were chatting online one night before we ever met face-to-face. We talked about what I do for a living and how important my faith and church are to me. He shared my sentiment and then told me that he would be my partner in ministry. I'm pretty sure I had to scrape my jaw off the carpet when he said that. I got so excited about that. Then, after we had been dating for a few months, Jeff proved it by helping me set up for events at church. I remember looking at him with what I'm positive was love in my eyes (even though we hadn't verbalized that to each other at that point) as I watched this guy stand high on a ladder stapling Christmas lights to temperamental particle board for a Sunday school party. I will admit, though, that this one has been challenging for us as well. Jeff has his own church he attends and he also worships with me at mine. As much as he loves my church and my youth and my people, he has his own church, youth and people he loves just as much. It's been a focus of our prayer life and we wrestle with having two churches and ministries between us. If you're a prayer warrior, we would love some prayer in this area! We both feel worshiping together is important, and we don't want to be bouncing between two churches forever. We'd love your support by praying for us!

Sense of humor. Jeff is funny. He thinks I'm funny. He doesn't quite appreciate my sarcasm yet, but he says I'm quick witted, so it works out. He does silly things just to make me roll my eyes at him, then he laughs hysterically when he accomplishes that task. I won't sugar-coat it and say our relationship is all laughs and jokes all the time, but we have a good time together much of the time!

Good personality. I think many women take this for granted. My notes in parenthesis on my list say "people-oriented, caring, committed, friendly". It's like I had peeked at Jeff's boyfriend resume and copied it down. Jeff's personality goes way deeper than that, but he's for real. His friendliness and care is genuine. He's outgoing and talkative, which is great because I'm not always like that. And he doesn't have many different faces. He doesn't act one way to me, another way to his friends, another way at work and another way at church. With Jeff, what you see is what you get. His love for God and care for others just lights him up.

Encouraging but also keeps me grounded. I wanted a man who could dream with me and encourage me in my goals and dreams, but also be able to be a voice of reality when I need it. So far, Jeff does a good job with this. I'm looking forward to all the dreams we'll have together in the future!

So, that's my list. Those were the traits I was after in a man. Those were the traits God honored in amazing ways and brought to the surface in Jeff.

Have you ever made a list like this? What was on yours? Any traits I missed in making mine? I'd love to hear it! Comment in the section below!
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