Our First Month!

I love being married.

Jeff and I have been married for just over a month now. I can hardly believe that month went by so fast. But, we finally have most of our wedding gifts unpacked and put away or put to use. We have our new mattress - praise God for that! And the spare room in our apartment that was basically my storage room for the last four years has been mostly cleaned and transformed back into a guest bedroom.

All that aside, it's a different feeling being married. I can tell my relationship with Jeff is definitely different from what it was in the weeks leading up to the wedding. We can't put our finger on exactly what's different, but it's changed a bit. And it's great! I feel like I'm walking around differently these days. When I'm shopping, I know I'm taking care of my husband and me, instead of just myself. I've felt more domestic lately too, making him sandwiches to take to work and doing laundry more often than just when I'm low on underwear and socks.

As for Jeff, he makes a wonderful husband in every sense of the word. He's not just a regular husband, he's a Godly man, and that makes for a Godly husband. Need some examples of what I mean? Here you go:
  • He makes sure we pray together regularly. Before meals, sure, but also before he goes off to work, before I go to work, as we see something happening that needs prayer, or as we're talking about friends and family who need prayer. And he usually knows what I mean when I hold out my hand for him to hold - time to pray about whatever it is we're discussing.
  • He's in the Word. He's always listening to online messages by pastors he likes. I came home from work yesterday to find him cleaning under our oven, listening to a message about loving your wife. He's been good about doing devotions together, too, something that I pray keeps up throughout our marriage.
  • He takes care of me, and us, even when it's messy. Cleaning under the oven is the last thing I want to do, which is probably why I haven't done it in the four years I've lived in this apartment. Yet, there he was, greeting me with his rear in the air, head and arms under the oven, fishing out what seemed like hundreds of cat toys that made their way into that black hole, then mopping under the whole thing. Not to mention he cleaned out the lint trap in the dryer and has snaked a couple drains. What's even more amazing about this? I never asked him to do these things. He just does them.
  • He leaves me notes. I bought a pack of window markers so I could leave him little notes on the bathroom mirror. My mom used to do that when we were younger, stuff to do or clean while she was gone. We didn't always like what we read, but it was a good idea. I did it for Jeff once or twice and he got the biggest kick out of it. And once I showed him how easy it is to clean off the mirror, he thought it was even better. I came home from work yesterday not only to find my husband head first under our oven, but to go use the bathroom and read a note he wrote to me about how sexy I am, how much he loves me, and how much he loves my faith and how I take care of him. Plus, he calls me "Bug", so there was a lady bug in a heart in blue marker on the mirror. Super sweet.
Maybe I'm still pretty naive about this whole marriage thing, but so far it's been pretty great. I'm thankful each and every day for this man God has given me. It's an amazing thing to be living life with my best friend. It's even more amazing that he and I both have another best friend in common - Christ. And knowing that Christ is the center of our marriage relationship makes us confident we can handle anything life will throw at us.

A Wife Like That

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