Car Conversations Part 2

The ride home is just as important as the ride to church! Take advantage of this time, when teachings and songs and stories are fresh in everyone’s minds. Don’t forget to follow through on any rewards your littles earned by being super good in the pew!

So, what can car conversations on the way home look like?


What was your favorite song in church today?

What was your favorite Bible story today?

What did you learn in Sunday school?

Who did you sit with in Sunday school today?

What did you learn about Jesus today?

Observations & Encouragement

You sat so well in church today.

I noticed you looking at your Bible in church. What were you looking at?

I love how you folded your hands to pray today.

I saw you talking to the new boy. That was kind of you to be so friendly.


Things You Liked

I really liked what Pastor had to say today. Do you remember something he said?

It made me so happy to hear about how Jesus loves us today. What makes you happy about church?

There are so many great ways to make the most of car conversations. Sing a song your kids learned in Sunday school. Ask them to tell you their memory verse. Tell them what going to church means to you. Tell them why you think it’s important that they go to church too.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. Tell them what they’re doing right and forgive them for what they’ve done wrong. Help them get excited about worship. Just talk!