31 Ways to Worship with Littles

Taking little kids to church is no easy task. Ask almost any parent and you’re sure to hear all kinds of horror stories about having kids in church. Or you might hear worse than horror stories – excuses for not taking kids to church at all.

I get it. It’s tough to keep a toddler sitting still for more than a couple seconds. There’s little to no point to shushing them if they get noisy. They tend to pick the most opportune times (ahem, silent prayer) to make loud announcements from the pew, NEED their crunchy snack, or run the heaviest metal matchbox car across the pew. And let’s not forget the time you had to step over the elderly lady sitting at the end of the pew not once but three times, taking care not to smack the side of her head with a 30 pound diaper bag or adorable baby foot (just me?).

Yes. Taking kids to church is challenging. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and sometimes downright embarrassing. But it also has these incredible moments of beauty, wonder and excitement. Hearing your toddler “sing” along or clap her hands to the music. Seeing his eyes light up recognizing the cross or watching his gaze lock on someone serving during worship. Whispering with your kids when they ask about words or actions they hear and see. That sigh of relief when they correctly answer the question during the children’s message.

If you haven’t experienced at least one of these when worshipping with your kids can I challenge, and possibly offend you by suggesting – you aren’t worshipping with your kids enough.

Don’t stop reading. Let me help you. I am a strong believer in worshipping with your kids. I believe God commands it of Christians that we raise our kids to know and love Him. Can that be done outside of worship? Yes, and it should. Deuteronomy 6 clearly tells us to make our entire lives about teaching our kids about Jesus. But worship is a unique experience with unique opportunities to teach our kids that we just don’t get in other places. It’s important that we make it a priority and that we model that to our kids.

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But this series isn’t really about why worship is important. My guess is if you’re reading this far you already believe worship is important. I’ve spent my entire life in the pew and now I’m making sure my 1-year-old is there with me. (Daddy works two weekends a month, so I do a mix of co-parenting and solo-parenting in the pew.) This series is to give you tips and tricks to up your confidence a bit and get you more comfortable in the pew with your precious littles. This time is so important to their faith and yours.

31 days. 31 ways to worship with littles. I pray this series blesses all of us as we aim to raise our children to know and love our God.