Car Conversations Part 1

Car Conversations Part 1

I grew up in a time of dial-up internet, movie rental stores and land-line phones. Now we have WiFi, Netflix and tiny computers in our hands. And while all this technology is pretty cool most of the time, I think it’s also resulted in some lost arts – snail-mail letter writing, going to a bookshelf to look something up, and the today’s tip for worshipping with littles:

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Contagious Positivity

Contagious Positivity

It doesn’t matter how you personally feel about that food item right then. If you want your kid to try it, it’s nothing but delicious. And heaven help anyone who tries to say otherwise. A few times during dinner I’ve shot my well-meaning husband the LOOK when he’s said a food we’re trying to get our daughter to eat was “yucky”. We want her to try these foods and she feeds off our excitement. If she sees us eating it and enjoying it, chances are higher she’ll at least give it a try too.

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The Art of Showing Up

The Art of Showing Up

Sometimes the showing up is the biggest hurdle to worshipping with littles. It’s easier to want to just stay home – skip getting everyone ready, get out the door, load up the car, sit through a crazy service and get back home. Maybe you get tired just thinking about getting your family to church. Maybe you catch yourself more often than not thinking, “What’s the point? What am I getting out of worship when I’m chasing down my toddler?”

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31 Ways to Worship with Littles Series

I am a strong believer in worshiping with your kids. I believe God commands it of Christians that we raise our kids to know and love Him. Can that be done outside of worship? Yes, and it should. Deuteronomy 6 clearly tells us to make our entire lives about teaching our kids about Jesus. But worship is a unique experience with unique opportunities to teach our kids that we just don’t get in other places. It’s important that we make it a priority and that we model that to our kids.

But this series isn’t really about why worship is important. My guess is if you’re reading this far you already believe that too. I’ve spent my entire life in the pew and now I’m making sure my 1-year-old is there with me. (Daddy works two weekends a month, so I do a mix of co-parenting and solo-parenting in the pew.) This series is to give you tips and tricks to up your confidence a bit and get you more comfortable in the pew with your precious littles. This time is so important to their faith and yours.

31 days. 31 ways to worship with littles. I pray this series blesses all of us as we aim to raise our children to know and love our God.

31 Ways to Worship with Littles (Intro Post)

1: The Art of Showing Up

2. Sit… There

3. Monkeys See, Monkeys Do… or Don’t

4. A Little Extra

5. The Worship Whisperer

6. Quiet Bags for Peace in the Pew

7. Ask For Free Samples

8. Adopt Pew-Siblings

9. Always Bring Snacks

10. Practice Makes… A Little Better!

11. Contagious Positivity

12. Seasoned Connections

13. Great (and Small) Expectations

14. Celebrate Surviving… and Other Worship Feats

15. Car Conversations (Part 1)

16. Car Conversations (Part 2)